Cardone Pizza Company was born out of respect for the traditional ways of baking. 

The process for making pizza has not changed over time. The ingredients are flour, water, salt, & yeast. The pizzaiolo is responsible for making & forming the dough, then cooking the pizza in a wood fired oven to perfection. 

The word biscotti is derived from the Latin “bis coctus” meaning twice cooked. Biscotti helped sustain immigrants such as my great grandfather, Francesco Antonucci, during the long ocean crossing to Ellis Island. 

Biscotti was also once made in a wood fired oven. This recipe was brought to this country from southern Italy by my great grandmother. Stella Barbato Antonucci would bring this to America when my grandfather could afford to have her join him.

Enjoy this Italian classic with your favorite coffee or dessert wine, and salute those who came before us. 

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